Charles Trippy proposes to girlfriend Allie

Whilst on vacation in Australia after being on tour Charles Trippy, Vlogger and We The Kings bassist, has proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Allie Marie Wesenberg. We are pleased to say that she said yes and we can’t wait for them to enjoy their lives together. Both Charles and Allie announced the engagement earlier on today on their social media accounts. They both posted a photo to Instagram with the exciting announcement.

Charles captioned the photo with:

Congratulations Charles Trippy & Allie! 4

Allie went for this heartwarming caption:

Congratulations Charles Trippy & Allie! 8

Charles and Allie both vlog their everyday lives together on the youtube channel CTFxC. They upload videos daily and Charles even holds the world record for the Most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube. The couple have been together almost 2 years now. Fans of Charles’ videos welcomed Allie with open arms back in 2014 when she was first introduced to the vlogs, however at first she was not comfortable on camera so her face was blurred out and this is where she received the nickname Squiggles. Now Allie is always on camera and even vlogs her parts of the day.

Congratulations Charles and Allie. We hope that you have a long and happy life together and we cannot wait to see what the future brings for you!

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Written by Kirsty Russell

I am a photographer based in London and I specialise in live concert photography!