Charli XCX wants fans to be in music video for new single 'Forever'.

Charli XCX wants fans to be in the ‘Forever’ music video

Calling all Charli XCX fans. The singer has just announced on Twitter that she wants her fans to appear in the music video for her brand new single, ‘Forever’.

A set of instructions have been posted which must be followed by every submission, such as, “Set the camera on the floor and film yourself walking about your room & doing something without acknowledging the camera” and ” Walk up to someone you’re quarantined with, tell them a joke or compliment & film their reaction.”

Submissions must be made by Sunday to the given email address. You can see the full list of criteria below.

The artist has just recently shared her new song, ‘Forever’, which is the first single from her upcoming album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’. The LP is being written while the singer/ songwriter is in self- isolation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview the artist discussed the new album, saying: “For me, staying positive goes hand-in-hand with being creative, and so that’s why I’ve decided that I’m going to use this isolation time to make a brand new album from scratch.”

Adding: “The nature of this album is gonna be very indicative of the times, just because I’m only gonna be able to use the tools that I have at my fingertips to create all music, all artwork, all videos, everything. In that sense, it’ll be very DIY.”

You can listen to the new track below.

‘How I’m Feeling Now’ will be released on May 15th.

Let us know if you will be putting your submission in and your thoughts on the new single, over on our Twitter page @CelebMix.

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