Charlie Puth’s latest single, “Attention”, certified silver in the U.K.

Charlie Puth’s latest contribution to the world of music has proven a big hit with fans. After selling over 200,000 copies of his latest single in the U.K. alone, “Attention” has been certified silver.

The Atlantic artist released the lead single from his second album on April 21st of this year; accompanied by its very own Snapchat filter. Puth’s fans, commonly referred to as “Puthinators”, were quick to discover the filter in which users appear to be wearing rounded sunglasses with “Attention” as the soundtrack, and they quickly returned to Twitter and other social media to share their snaps. Although there is no official release date for Charlie’s second album, it is highly anticipated amongst his loyal fans.

Charlie Puth Attention
Charlie Puth demonstrates his very own Snapchat filter.

If the Snapchat filter wasn’t enough, fans in the Melrose Avenue area in Los Angeles were invited to head over to “The Attention Room” – a pop-up art project featuring a LED infinity tunnel in which Puth’s single “Attention” was the soundtrack. The interactive experience was designed to replicate how the human brain reacts to receiving attention. Clever, huh!? And obviously, all big hits need a music video to match, which is why the official “Attention” music video was released just a couple of days after the initial single release date. And, boy, has it made an impression! The video was released on YouTube and has been viewed over 118 million times as of June 10th 2017.

The story in the “Attention” music video follows Charlie and his girlfriend – who keeps him around just to get her time in the spotlight. We see Charlie glancing across a busy club scene, making eye contact with a beautiful blonde and it is clear to the viewer that this is not a happy relationship. Things soon turn nasty, when Puth’s love interest bursts into his apartment and begins to throw vases and smashes a mirror, before sharing a steamy kiss. Watch the video all the way to the end, and there is an additional surprise for the keen Puth fan. The talented pop star has included part of the original recording of himself beatboxing the melody of “Attention”, which he recorded on his mobile phone whilst touring in Japan – an inspiring reminder that even the simplest concept could turn into a chart-topping hit.

Check Out Charlie Puth’s Video For “Attention” Here:

Watch: Charlie Puth unveils steamy music video for ‘Attention’

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