Cheat Codes Reveal That They Are Working On Their Debut Album In Interview With Outlet Magazine

This trio is known for their songs “No Promises”, which features Demi Lovato, and “Sex” in collaboration with Kris Kross Amsterdam; Cheat Codes have been building up their career and have released a lot of singles and remixes to date. However, the three-piece revealed that an album is on its way in an interview with Outlet Magazine.

During the interview, when asked if there were any plans to release an album, the group replied with: “We’ve been working on it, stay tuned!” Now, that has certainly excited us all.

Not only that but they won’t be releasing any new remixes anytime soon, instead they plan to “focus on originals!” We expect these are for the album that they’re planning to release.

Of working with Demi Lovato, they said: “It only took her a couple hours in the studio to knock it out. She’s an amazing vocalist!” We certainly agree with that.

However, it was the ending of the interview that Cheat Codes seriously impressed. They inspired their fans and the readers of the interview with this brilliant message:

There are life hacks and cheat codes to anything you want in life. Don’t take anything seriously because none of this is real. Entertainment is fake, everything you see, hear, taste, and touch is all a figment of your imagination. Things only have meaning because we give them meaning so if you’re having a hard time, just remember that none of it matters and it’s possible to make your life a game if you so choose.

You can read the full article with Cheat Codes on Outlet Magazine. It sure is a great read.

We cannot wait for the Cheat Codes album. How excited are you? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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