Check out These New Dunkirk Posters and Teasers – One features Harry Styles

Christoper Nolan’s Dunkirk has been the talk of the entertainment industry since news broke that he was the mastermind behind the film that would show the story of the brave battle fought when soldiers were cornered, unable to return home, so their allies brought home to them. It was a tireless effort and lives were lost, but instead of giving up, soldiers fought with all they had to save as many lives as possible.

The trailers for the film have been heart-stopping, some fans admitting that they almost had to remind themselves to breathe after seeing them. They’re powerful, and that credit goes to Christoper Nolan for his incredible film but also to the actors on set for the passion and the talent they bring to the story. There hasn’t been much dialogue at all in the clips we’ve seen of the film so far, but they’re easily the best trailers for any film in any genre over the last year. That says a lot.

The most recent trailer was released just last month, and it went to show the hard work and dedication Nolan put into the experience that will be Dunkirk. Not only is it a heart-wrenching journey, it’s something we’ll all see from three different perspectives. He planned this film to be as real and as impactful as possible. In all honesty, it’s not just a film, it’s so much more than that.

Now, an interactive part of a website for Dunkirk allows us all to see new teasers for the film, like the one above, and you get to see those by clicking on new images as well. You can also see exclusive content on this website.

The newest poster for the film shows heartache and strength in the face of a soldier, and the three other teaser photos do as well; each in their own way.

Survival is victory. Nolan hits that message home, and it’s the idea each of those soldiers fought for. Surviving meant victory, and it was about much more than the battle. The victory came in the form of life, of brotherhood, it came in the form of a future.

Nolan’s Dunkirk premieres on July 21st and we cannot wait to see it.

It’s also worth mentioning that, as massive Harry Styles fans, we are so incredibly proud of the hard work he put into his big film debut. We can’t wait to continue supporting him in this new venture. We’re so proud of you, Harry.

Written by Ashley

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