DISCOVER: The Cheek of Her - "9 Lives"

DISCOVER: The Cheek of Her – “9 Lives”

The Cheek of Her (Helen Dooley) is a pop singer/songwriter from London. Passionate about her music like many singer/songwriters, Helen is one of the few who strive to achieve greatness despite any challenges that face her.

The Cheek of Her has already independently released two five track EPs and one full
length debut album. Her most recent release even gained airplay in the UK on BBC Radio 2 as well as European national radio coverage in Ireland, Switzerland, Romania, Luxembourg and Holland!

Think that’s impressive? The Cheek of Her has also performed live in some of London’s most iconic venues such as The Dublin Castle, The O2 Academy Islington, and The 100 Club.

Unlike most pop artists nowadays, Helen has a darker side to her music. In her latest single “9 Lives,” she sings lyrics like, “Oh in another life / I’d give more than I would fight / How I would love to meet you there,” and “I don’t know the reason why you run / Or the reason that you come / Undone at every turn / But I’m willing to learn.”

Based on those lyrics, it seems like she’s expressing to her listeners to not give up on something or someone if you really care about them. What’s interesting about the video (created by Pedro Chaves of Dream Journey Studios) is that it supports the overall meaning of the song.

Pedro and Helen came up with the idea of making the video a cartoon of a cat (due to the title “9 Lives”) losing it’s life again and again as it constantly tries to get something back, but continues to fail. Although the meaning of the lyrics can be a bit dark at times, it was nice that she added a light touch to the song by featuring the small cat in the video.

Check out the video for “9 Lives” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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