ChemoHero: Delivering boxes of kindness to chemotherapy patients

One in Two people in the UK will get cancer during their lifetime. It’s a stark and horrifying fact, which is why charities like ChemoHero are so valuable to people who have been diagnosed.

ChemoHero is charity based in Devon, that delivers “boxes of kindness” to people undergoing chemotherapy. The boxes are full of products that help patients with the side effects of chemotherapy.

ChemoHero was created by Lisa with the support of her husband Rob after Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29. Lisa was unprepared for chemo and it took its toll on her body. During her second appointment, Lisa was sat near an 80-year-old lady, who she discovered would be going home alone after her treatment. This rightly concerned Lisa, who would look after the lady and help her with her medication, and when the chemo took over her body, like Lisa’s husband helped her? It was there that the idea for ChemoHero was born.

At the time Lisa worked at her local college, her colleagues very kindly raised £500 for her to fund her first boxes.

A box of kindness features over 40 different items including snacks and drinks for during chemo, pillboxes, thermometer, beanie or headscarf and games etc to keep patients occupied during their treatment sessions.

ChemoHero has gifted over 1000 boxes to local chemotherapy patients in North Devon. The boxes are gifted by the nurses on the patient’s first treatment, this enables the nurses to give the patients something positive in their treatment journey.

In 2017 Lisa won Good Morning Britains  Outstanding Health Star Award! She has recently won the Pride of Britain West Country fundraiser of the year award for her work with ChemoHero.

You can find out more about the charity here.

Written by Kelly McFarland

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