Cherish The Candids With Daniel Valledor

The term ‘candid photography’ has become prevalent in recent years. It’s thanks to modern technology and everybody always having access to a camera in their smartphones, that the staged and posed photo has become the norm. Daniel Valledor will be publishing a book this year with his work on Madrid over the last decade.

Daniel Valledor practices candid photography and combines it with the never-ending canvas of the streets to bring you honest and captivating pictures. ?

The passionate artist has made it his goal to practice and hone his skill for capturing candid photography. Daniel strongly challenges Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. He wants to bring you the result of photography without altering the scene in any manner. Even if a person subconsciously acts and takes a pose, the raw photographer discards the picture. 

Furthermore, you might call him ‘old-school’ as he has forbidden himself from using digital cameras or tools to get those results. Each picture you see is a product of his analog cameras through deliberate darkroom development in a personal lab to bring you something uncanny. 

A Documenting Philosophy 

The philosophy behind the photographs is that the candid pictures should be able to capture the moment. It’s the raw emotions the scene carries without any external impact. When someone is sad, curious, happy, or goofy, it should show in the picture. Once you set your eyes on it, you have to focus on how to document it. The goal is to make the viewer understand the subject’s emotions or vibe.

That enchanting yet straightforward stimulation you start to receive is the fruit of Daniel’s labor. The photographer doesn’t’ want to bring you just another picture you’d look at and leave. He aims for a personal connection, and he understands it comes from the photographs’ raw nature.

Expanding The Horizon Of Frames

However, the streets aren’t his only playground. For his current project, the bullfighting arena, Las Ventas has become his street to photograph. The attempt to capture the emotions of the bullfighter is a challenge that intrigued the artist for a long time. ?

Not during the event, but after it. When the rising talents have risked it all against the bull. After that victory or loss, the feelings harbor. Emotions, that will play part in his next story. 

Written by CelebMix