Cheryl takes to instagram to flip the bird to 2015.

While most celebrities are choosing to take to Social Media to fondly lament and reminisce about 2015, X Factor judge and singer Cheryl has instead used Instagram to share a message about how happy she is to see the end of it, by posting a picture of her flipping the bird!

Though unheard of to many, Cheryl Fernandez Versini (Widely known as Cheryl Cole, now simply going by Cheryl), is nothing short of a Super-star in Britain, so all of her ups and downs have been documented extensively in the tabloid press. Even though Cheryl has refused to comment on her personal life herself, everything from her weight loss to her marriage has made the front page on more than one occasion.

The stars slimmed downed frame has been a talking point ever since she stepped out for the first X-Factor audition way back in the Spring, and even though Cheryl has made it well known on multiple occasions how much she’d like people to stop talking about her personal issues in this way,  it seems that the only thing that was able to take focus off of her weight-loss was the rumoured break-down of her second marriage.

Unnamed sources reportedly close to the star have allegedly told tabloid press that her marriage is in crisis, and that a messy, painful divorce is likely not too far off.

The last time Cheryl and her husband, Jean Bernard Fernandez Versisni, were seen out in public together was at a party celebrating Ant and Dec’s 40th Birthday way back in October, and the French Restraunter refrained from accompanying the Girls Aloud singer to any of the X Factor live shows in November and December, unlike last year, when he was backstage at every single show. So far Cheryl, Jean Bernard and both of the couples representatives have refused to confirm or comment at all on the rumours of an impending divorce, but her bird-flipping Instagram post is seen by many as hinting that there is at least some truth to the rumours of marital turbulence in her life.

This would be Cheryl’s second divorce, after she split with footballer Ashley Cole in 2009 after a string of allegations that he had cheated on her.

Despite the negativity and the turbulence, Cheryl was quick to wish her followers well in the New Year, and admitted that though the 2015 had been tough, it had taught her a lot.

It might have been a tough and turbulent year for Cheryl, but she’s shown time and time again that if anyone can handle it, she can…and with promises of her return to the studio in the early months of the New Year to record her 5th solo album, we can’t help but be excited for 2016 either!

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Written by CelebMix