‘Chewbacca Mom’ Candace Payne Laughs Her Way Into Our Hearts

It was a Thursday when Candace Payne exploded across the internet and laughed her way into our hearts. The video, which is three minutes long, has over 130 million views on Facebook, and has been shared over three million times on Facebook alone!

What could be so intriguing you ask? Well, it has a little to do with Star Wars and a lot to do with Payne’s joyful disposition.

Whilst sat in her car, Payne shares her most recent experience at a Kohl’s department store. As a treat to herself for her birthday that had just passed, Payne purchased a Chewbacca mask and decided to try it on. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s her reaction to the mask and the Wookie’s signature cry that has the internet obsessed.



It’s easy to see why the video has received so much attention. Payne’s laugh is absolutely contagious; one can’t help but join in on the fun!

Kohl’s caught wind of the now viral video and surprised Payne and her children with some goodies to thank her for making people smile all around the world.

They showed up to her house with plenty of gifts for the kids, including Chewbacca masks for each child. To top it off, they gifted Payne and her husband $2,500 worth of Kohl’s gift cards.

Monday morning, Payne made a stop at Good Morning America to talk about her video and what it feels like to be an internet sensation. When asked what part of this internet fame has been her favorite so far, she tells that being able to share joy with people. The segment ended with Payne being gifted a basket full of Star Wars toys and a $2,500 gift from Hasbro.

Candace Payne has taken the internet by storm for a very good reason. Her story just goes to show that it’s the little things in life that make it worthwhile, and how sharing a little laugh can make a big impact.

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Written by CelebMix