All your childhood memories in one playlist!

We all miss the 2000s, but who wants to relive their memories through music? The answer is: all of us. Here at CelebMix we’ve come up with the best songs we could remember from our childhood.

From Gwen Stefani to old McFly songs, from MIKA to High School Musical, we’ve recreated your childhood in 200 songs!

We hope you love it and still remember all the words, especially how to spell BANANAS.

This playlist brings back memories of refillable pencils, Nintendo 64, flip phones, Lizzie McGuire, and that one kid who was lucky enough to own Tip-Ex. And of course, who could forget the hoverboards predicted by people in the past… Oh, wait, that still hasn’t happened… Hurry up science!

So go; live in the past for a few hours and let us know what you think we’ve missed.

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Written by CelebMix