Chord Overstreet Releases ‘Hold On’

Chord Overstreet has just released his brand new single ‘Hold On’.

With its beautiful melody and breathtaking lyrics, ‘Hold On’ takes the listener on an indescribable journey. Just like he did on his debut single ‘Homeland’, Overstreet manages to create a personal, yet relatable track with a ton of emotion.

“‘Hold On’ is definitely one of the most meaningful songs I have written,” Overstreet tells PEOPLE. “Through my own experiences in a pretty tumultuous relationship I realized you can still love someone unconditionally even when it’s over.” 

“The inspiration behind ‘Hold On’ is just the experience I’ve had [with] relationships,” he says. “I’d been through a rough relationship that had its ups and downs — it was kinda crazy, back and forth. I feel like a lot of people have gone through that, and the picture that I wanted to paint was the unconditional love that person, even though something may end, it’s always kind of haunting you a little bit.”

As of now, Overstreet has released two songs (plus the Christmas track, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is a Real Good Tan’) from his upcoming debut album. The album has no release date at the moment, but hopefully, the 27-year-old singer will release it soon.

Listen to ‘Hold On’ below:

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