Chris Ellison, Second Person Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother

Chris Ellison lasted just 13 days in the house before getting kicked off of Celebrity Big Brother. Although, he has witnessed far more than his fair share of arguments.

Host Emma Willis, started the interview off by asking him if he was relieved to be out, ”Yes, I just got fed up with it, it’s so mad in there and I thought I was losing my sanity some of the time.”

Emma went on to quiz the evictee on what he thought of Scoop giving him the killer nomination this week with Chris answering, ”I understood it, he probably thought I wasn’t doing enough.

”I’m not a games player, I never have been. Christmas in my house is really boring”.

Ellison mentioned in his interview with Emma that he couldn’t sleep at night; ”You cannot sleep at night because they all bloody well snore.” He also described the snoring in the bedroom as an ”orchestra”.

When asked about Farrah, Chris insisted, ”I actually don’t know anything about her to tell you the truth, I just know that she kept kicking off with various people”.

Chris Ellson also stated that the Brits are coping fine in the house with the Americans, ”They’ve got each other, they’re kind of lively with each other, the’re quieter.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on Channel 5 and TV3 in the Republic Of Ireland.

Written by CelebMix