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Chris Evans Shares a Throwback Memory on Twitter

Ever wondered what Chris Evans, widely known as the mighty Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was up to in the summer of 1998? Well, Chris himself shared a major throwback photo on Twitter showing the world what he was up to in his junior year.

The actor tweeted a photo of the old resume cover letter he wrote himself dated in March 1998, where he was spending his summer time looking for internships in the theatre industry. As hilarious as it can be, the photo showed the witty side of a young Chris Evans which had his supporters amused and swooning over how adorable he was!

Considering the fact the he sent the letter to “dozens” of casting directors, Chris also tweeted after that he luckily got an internship in the summer of 1998.

Chris may say that his resume was humiliating back then, but it is undeniable that he had the talent and perseverance to make it in the industry. Just imagine how successful he is now, with a handful of lead characters years after his “dumb-luck-internship” as a junior in high school.

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Featured photo is from the Rolling Stones’ photoshoot.

Written by CelebMix