Watch: Chris Martin’s Carpool Karaoke

Our prayers have been answered: after carpooling with the One Direction boys and Adele, James Corden let yet another one of our favourite Brits join him for a ride this week. This time, it was Coldplay’s Chris Martin who rode shotgun in Corden’s car.

The well-known concept of Carpool Karaoke was slightly altered for this episode, with James giving Chris a ride to San Francisco for Coldplay’s Super Bowl Halftime Show instead of simply carpooling to work.

Featuring a sneak peek into Chris’ newly composed halftime song, a totally unhelpful explanation of the rules of American Football, a scaringly good impression of Mick Jagger and so much more, this Carpool Karaoke is a joy to watch from beginning to end. It just might be our favourite Carpool Karaoke yet.

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Written by CelebMix