Christina Grimmie: Our Exclusive Chat

If you have no idea who Christina Grimmie is, you must be living under a rock. The 22 year old got to chatting with us about her upcoming tour with Before You Exit.

Ok we’re just gonna put it out there right away, we’ve seen you live twice opening for Selena Gomez and you rocked. What is the best part about performing live?
Hearing and seeing the crowd responding to your music before your eyes is pretty cool; especially when you catch them singing along with your lyrics. And aside from that nothing beats the high from singing live; it’s my favorite thing to do.

Are you still close with Gomez?
Haven’t spoken in a while.

The Voice really helped take your career to new heights. Tell us about the experience.
It was definitely the greatest experience I’ve had in my career thus far, considering I feel like I grew so much through the show as a person and as an artist.

You originally started out posting covers to YouTube. Have people covered your songs? What’s that like?
Yes! I really love hearing my fans takes on my songs. It’s cool seeing that because I used to be the one covering the songs !

How did this tour with Before You Exit come about?
Connor hit me up and goes “wanna tour together again?” And I went “yesssss” haha! I love Before You Exit, some of my favorite people to tour with, the shows are so much fun.

“Love Song to the Earth” is just incredible. Was that one of those pinch yourself moments?
Definitely! Being on a song that was part of a such a big movement with these amazing artists was an absolute pleasure and honor.

Your EP “Side A” is killing it on the charts. Should we expect a full length album soon?
Working on one for ya actually (;

Make sure you catch Christina on tour with Before You Exit:

5/31 – Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY

6/1 – The Loft – Lansing, MI

6/4 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

6/5 – Mod Club – Toronto, ON

6/8 – Rock & Roll Hotel – Washington, DC

6/9 – Vinyl – Atlanta, GA

6/10 – The Plaza Liva – Orlando, FL

6/15 – The Chapel – San Francisco, CA

6/17 – Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA

Written by CelebMix