Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ will be told from 3 different perspectives

Christoper Nolan is well-known for keeping details about his film projects under lock and key, so much so that audiences know next to nothing about the depth of his films until they’re watching them. This method makes Nolan films highly anticipated. One of his most anticipated films to date hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but it’s the talk of the entertainment world. ‘Dunkirk’s release date is July 21st of this year, and months ahead of that, Nolan sat down with Premiere magazine and gave fans a small hint at what to expect from the film.

“The film is told from three points of view: The air (planes), the land (on the beach) and the sea (the evacuation by the navy). For the soldiers embarked in the conflict, the events took place on different temporalities.”

Nolan went on to elaborate a little more, specifically regarding timelines of the soldiers.

“On land, some stayed one week stuck on the beach. On the water, the events lasted a maximum day; and if you were flying to Dunkirk, the British spitfires would carry an hour of fuel.”

You may be curious as to how Nolan plans to show these separate points of view and still make the movie flow smoothly. The answer to that question will only come when the movie premieres. Nolan isn’t telling his big secrets, but looking at his previous work, there’s no doubt that ‘Dunkirk’ will be a masterpiece.

Next to the story, the most talked about aspect of the film is the cast. From new names to well-known actors; Nolan has a mix of talent that will do the story of Dunkirk justice. During the three different points of view in the film, audience members will see Harry Styles on the beach, Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy on the sea, and Tom Hardy in the sky.

Are you counting down the days until the ‘Dunkirk’ premiere? We’re at 142…just for those of you who don’t have it programmed into your calendars. For a film as huge as this one, it’ll be well worth the wait.

Written by Ashley

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