Cierra Ramirez’ Releases ‘Faded’ Music Video!!

On Monday 20th June, The Fosters Season 4 premiered and Cierra Ramirez released her debut EP ‘Discreet’. Let’s just say it was a good day for all the fans! Today, to end this glorious filled week of seeing Cierra on our TV’s and hearing her in our headphones, she has finally released her music video for the song ‘Faded‘ which is the first song on her EP.

Cierra Ramirez' Releases 'Faded' Music Video!! 2

Billboard premiered Cierra’s music video for ‘Faded‘ just hours ago and the people are going crazy for it! While Cierra plays an almost innocent Mariana Adams-Foster on the hit TV show, she embraces her sexy and playful side for the new video. Although we love Mariana, it’s great that Cierra can also focus on her music career and show the world more of herself as this has been long time coming and her talent just can not be hidden!

The new single features Honey C and Casey Veggies and they both feature in the video also alongside Cierra and a few other friends. Throughout the video, you see Cierra getting flirty with her love interest in the bedroom and they look extremely good together! (Of course she looks much better with her actual boyfriend, Jeff Wittek).

Cierra Ramirez' Releases 'Faded' Music Video!! 3

We can’t wait to see what other projects Cierra brings out and wish her the best of her luck on her EP and Faded video! ‘Faded’ is guaranteed to be a song of the summer and we can’t wait to have it on repeat while we’re tanning and having a few drinks. The R&B song is very upbeat and incredibly hard to resist dancing along to no matter where you are! Make sure to keep a look out for Cierra on the hit TV show The Fosters every Monday.

Watch the Faded music video HERE.

Cierra Ramirez' Releases 'Faded' Music Video!! 4 Cierra Ramirez' Releases 'Faded' Music Video!! 5

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