Cillian Murphy Calls Harry Styles Charismatic, Says Nolan Only Casts Talented Actors

The buzz around Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war film, Dunkirk has been building steadily since news broke that he would be directing it.  Looking at films credited to Nolan’s name, there was never a doubt that the battle of Dunkirk – specifically Operation Dynamo – would be done justice.  Excitement peaked when the cast for Dunkirk was revealed and names like Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and Kenneth Branagh were mentioned but a name that sparked particularly high interest was Harry Styles.

Harry, while on hiatus from One Direction, is making his film debut in Dunkirk and feelings about him being cast were mixed. Some people questioned if Harry was given the role because of his name and existing claim to fame but those rumors were quickly dispelled; it’s said that because of his existing superstardom Harry actually worked harder to prove that he could handle a role of this caliber and earn it based on his talent vs his namesake.

Some thought Harry being cast was just a flagrant mistake on Nolan’s part, that he wasn’t a proper fit for the role and it was, and unfortunately, still is (to some people) treated like a joke where Harry is the punchline. While some statements made about Harry were cruel and some articles published (based not at all in facts) have made him seem a bit outcast, the truth is, cast mates have nothing but praises to sing about Harry and next to the people he loves/who love him, no other opinions matter more.

Mark Rylance spoke recently about Harry and called him remarkable and brave while saying he has a panache, much like Sean Penn, and for someone just starting out in film, that’s quite an honor.

Next to Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy was also asked about working with Harry recently and he had nothing but positive things to say about him – not that we’re surprised one bit.

There’s a definite cross over between music and film, I actually come from that world myself and he’s a really, really lovely kid and very charismatic and we’ve had great fun. Christopher Nolan’s not gonna cast an actor unless he’s a talented person, so I’m sure he’ll be amazing.

Just like ‘Fireproof’ live, Harry’s note change in ’18’ or the crowd applause after Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall first played ‘Drag Me Down’ live – there are some things you never tire of hearing; people talking nicely about Harry is at the top of that list for us.

While the opinions of some won’t ever change, we’re sure heaps will once they see Harry in the film and realize that he worked just as hard as every other member of the cast and deserves a fair playing field.

Dunkirk may not premiere until July 21st of 2017, but you can watch some of Nolan’s best movies while waiting for the film and don’t forget, we’ve still got trailers to look forward to in the future!

Written by Ashley

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