CNCO and the Return of the Latino Boyband

With their successful run on La Banda, the guys of CNCO are quickly proving they’ve got the talent, character, and capacity to takeover as Latin-America’s next big boyband. And in order to avoid having you miss out on anything CNCO related, here’s a quick run-through on everything CNCO.

CNCO and the Return of the Latino Boyband 1

For starters, here are their names, ages, and where they’re from:

Christopher Vélez: 20, Ecuador

Erick Brian Colón: 15, Cuban

Joel Pimentel: 17, Mexican

Richard Camacho: 19, Dominican

Zabdiel de Jesús: 18, Puerto Rican

So now let’s begin with their run on La Banda. 

They all knew they were going to be placed in a band to begin with.

Okay, so here’s where things might get a bit confusing. La Banda was created by Simon Cowell (ha, shocker) to search different parts of the United States to find the next big Latino boyband. Considering Simon Cowell is accredited with the creation of one of the biggest boybands ever (ie. One Direction in case you were wondering), it only seems fair that everyone in the world would run to audition for a show with his name on it, right? So during the auditions, the boys were faced with not one, but two different auditions — one that didn’t even involve singing!

When the boy who was going to audition first reached the stage, he was given a short amount of time to impress the fans, who would then go and vote him in (or out) based on his looks and the first impression he gave. If he got 75% approval rate or higher, then he would go and face the judges — who for this season were Laura Pausini, Alejandro Sanz, and Ricky Martin.

So, it’s a bit confusing at first, especially because it seems like you only get a really basic idea of who these guys actually are. But if they go through, then they get the chance to actually sing. Which can end up being a great thing. Here’s Zabdiel singing during his audition:

When the live shows began, they had to both perform in random groups and then had to perform a solo song for every single show. This made every episode 2 hours long… but we weren’t complaining, especially when some of those songs were AMAZING.

After 13 grueling episodes (or 26 hours in total), we got the final five members of CNCO — Zabdiel, Joel, Richard, Erick, and Christopher.

They’re all really talented guys

Here’s some of their best solo songs from the shows:






Each of them managed to prove they had what it took to become part of the band. And considering they had spent over 13 weeks together, they were already friends with each other — which made them even stronger as a group.

They have two singles out and have already won some awards.

Considering they’ve been a band for 7 months, it’s no surprise that they’ve already got some stuff out. “Quisiera” and “Tan Fácil” are the singles they’ve released — each with a music video to accompany them. And they’re so good and catchy and beautiful.

Univision recently had their Premios Juventud (the Spanish equivalent to the Teen Choice Awards), where CNCO took the awards for:

Producers Choice Award

“That Man Has Style”

Catchiest Tune

My Favorite Twitter Celebrity

My Favorite Pop/Rock Artist

The awards were a very big deal for the band and they were all very happy.

Their debut album is coming soon

This past week they announced that beginning August 5th, you can officially preorder their debut album on iTunes, which is a pretty big deal for everyone everywhere.

Considering we ended up going on a 4 hour YouTube binge, we’re pretty sure the album (which is titled Primera Cita) is going to be a big hit.

They released the track names on their Twitter on Sunday:

  1. Quisiera
  2. Tan Facil
  3. Reggaeton Lento
  4. Primera Cita
  5. Para Enamorarte
  6. No Entiendo
  7. Devuelveme Mi Corazon
  8. Cometa
  9. Volverte a Ver
  10. Tu Luz
  11. Cien
  12. Mas Alla

We’re excited!

There probably isn’t any other way of expressing how excited we are for these guys to continue to dominate Spanish-speaking America. Considering they all have spoken and sang in English, we’re pretty sure they’ll be generating some tunes to spread across the English-speaking world as well.

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Joel: @itsjoelpimentel, Snapchat: primejoel

Erick: @ErickBrianColon, Snapchat: cubanito0103

Zabdiel: @zabdiel1344, Snapchat: zabdiel-971

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