Colby Blackwell’s shares 5 crucial tips before you embark on your next fishing trip

There’s fishing, and then there’s extreme fishing. While both require patience and no small amount of luck, extreme fishing is something that demands a lot more out of the angler. For athlete and angler-par-excellence Colby Blackwell, extreme fishing is a test of one’s courage, patience, and a general sense of respect for some of the most awesome forces of nature—the large game fish. If you are an aspiring adventure angler, here are Colby’s tips for you.

Gain physical strength

“If you are interested in extreme fishing, it’s very likely that you are inspired by someone in your family. And it’s also very likely that the individual who has inspired you is strong and in good shape. The reason for this is that extreme fishing requires a strong body as much as a strong mind. To reel in a fish who is half your weight and swims at jet speed, will require you to have strong arms and true core endurance. So when you are not fishing, remember to exercise and stay in shape.”

Know your area

“You need to be more than a good swimmer to excel at extreme fishing. You need to know the waters you are entering, especially reefs and wrecks where big fish like the Cubera Snapper can live. Check the weather forecast before venturing out into the deep end to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Most importantly, always trust the advice of local guides who will know the area the best and are there to put you on fish.”  

Learn about the fish

“Knowing your water will invariably lead you to know the types of fish that live there. To improve your chances of catching the biggest game fish in there, you must equip yourself with the right kind of knowledge on the kind of bait that works best, the optimal rod, and the power, weight, and size of the fish, etc. This will help you prepare your mind and have more control over your reflexes when the time comes to seize your game.”

Choose your time of fishing well

 “As a general rule of thumb, the best time for adventure fishing or deep sea fishing is early morning or late afternoon. The low sun and a cooler water temperature can make it “relatively” easier to spot and catch a big fish. Fishing at the right time can make a huge difference to your style and confidence.”Izaak Walton, author of The Compleat Angler once said, “As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler.” However, Colby’s practical tips can help you become a seasoned angler.

Written by CelebMix