Coldplay asks fans for requests ahead of European tour

Going to a Coldplay concert guarantees you a few things: confetti, that dance move Chris Martin does where he kinda looks like he’s imitating an airplane, and a rendition of Viva la Vida.

If you want more out of a Coldplay concert than just that, the band just offered you the chance to get exactly what you want: you can now request any Coldplay song to be put on the setlist for the European shows.

Posting a message on their website, the band asked the fans to record a short video in which they request a Coldplay track they’d like to hear. The rules are simple: film a video of no longer than 15 seconds against a plain background, request a Coldplay song you’d like to be added to the setlist, upload it to Instagram and make sure to tag both the song and the show you’re attending.

For all those fans who have grown tired of hearing the same hits over again, this is the perfect opportunity to request one of those forgotten Coldplay gems. And if you can’t decide, this list of 7 underrated Coldplay songs might help you out.

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Written by CelebMix