Coldplay pay moving tribute to Viola Beach letting them Headline Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 2016 has had an incredible line up over the last few days, featuring some amazing artists including the one and only, wait for it, Adele. However, Coldplay did something during their set, which not only moved the hundreds of thousands of people at the festival, but also moved the millions of people watching at home.

Setting Glastonbury’s grand finale off in a very colourful fashion, Coldplay used fireworks, glitter cannons, 100,000 interactive LCD wristbands and buckets full of energy to make sure that they finished Glastonbury with the memorable performances that they are known, and loved, for doing. But something else really moved the people watching their fantastic performance tonight. Coldplay’s Chris Martin paid a very emotional tribute to Viola Beach during the set, and let them ‘headline’ the Sunday night of Glastonbury.

Viola Beach, tragically died in a car accident earlier this year whilst they were in Sweden. In honour of the boys, Coldplay sang Viola Beach’s hit ‘Boys That Sing‘, and announced that by doing this they were creating an alternate future for Viola Beach letting them headline Glastonbury for a song. The tribute to Viola Beach was moving, fitting and very emotional. With footage of Viola Beach performing being projected onto the Pyramid Stage’s giant screen, and Coldplay, arguably one of the worlds biggest bands, covering their song, it formed the tribute which Viola Beach deserved.

With millions of people watching, the news of this magnificent moment soon hit Twitter, and the response from everyone on Twitter was so positive and once again spread the love and recognition that Viola Beach deserved. With this amount of exposure, it is thought Viola Beach could even claim another success in the charts.

Missed the incredible moment? Don’t worry, if you missed it or simply just want to watch it again here is the video for you all.

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