Colton Haynes asks “Was It A Secret?” About ‘Gay Past’

Best known for his work on Arrow and Teen Wolf, actor Colton Haynes seems to have shed a light upon his sexuality via a Tumblr post made today on his personal blog.

User pornandmariah posted “when I found out Colton Haynes had a secret gay past I got so excited even though it makes absolutely no difference in my life”.

While many Tumblr users make posts like this on a daily basis that go unacknowledged, this blogger’s post was spotted by Haynes who decided to use that moment as one to respond to a statement about his sexuality.Colton Haynes asks "Was It A Secret?" About 'Gay Past' 1

Haynes has remained silent about sexuality speculation and rumors in the past but after making a post about a ‘fearless 2016’ on social media it seems like he’s got every intention of taking his new years resolution and making the most of it.

Social media was set afire by Colton’s reblog and positivity was shown  almost all around.  While some people still don’t want to go as far as saying he’s “come out” he’s definitely admitted that he didn’t think his ‘gay past’ was a secret and the acceptance being shown is really important.

In a day and age where so much of who young people are is painted across social media; we think it’s great that Colton felt comfortable enough to make a statement regarding a part of his life through his blog.  It’s a show of bravery to comment about something like sexuality especially when some celebrities still feel like they can’t embrace parts of who they are.

Some reports suggest Haynes was simply talking about a photo shoot from his days as a model, were he posed in intimate positions and was snapped kissing a fellow male model. Regardless of how Haynes identifies currently, or whether he feels like he has to identify as something specific at all, being proud of who he’s been, is, and will be is something he deserves!


Written by Ashley

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