Concert Review: Bastille in Brooklyn

Bastille, the band behind the hit “Pompeii” among others, rocked the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last Thursday. The band is headlining their first major American arena tour supporting their hit album “Wild World”. This was the biggest performance so far in New York for the English band, and to everyone there probably one of the best performances ever.

The album, which uses the idea of a fake news company, is a show within a show. The preshow consisted of breaking news updates and snarky commentary. There was a never a dull moment despite the wait between sets. The openers Mondo Cozmo had the audience enthralled throughout the entire set. They had a great sound with biting lyrics that had everyone singing along. The band ended their set perfect rendition of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.”

Kicking off the main event, Bastille stepped out to perform the rousing “Send Them Off!” The venue grew alive with the entire audience standing and screaming the lyrics as loud as they could. The visual effect of the stage worked perfectly with every song, with a giant screen behind the band and two screens above them. Every song, new and old, told a story through the band and stage. It was as eloquent as theater which says a lot from a musical standpoint.

The highlights of the performance happened in two different moments. One was early on in the gig, when Dan Smith, the lead singer, sang in the audience to the song “Flaws” off their debut album. He spent the entire song walking through the crowd shaking hands, hugging, and in some cases singing directly to fans. Many a fan melted at this great moment. It would be one of two times he performed out in the audience. The other highlight consisted of Dan performing on a second stage in the back of the auditorium. They performed “Of The Night” which created a giant dance party with dancing and lots of jumping. Very few bands can make a venue shake but Bastille very much does this.

Bastille ended their rousing set of political, dark, and dancing songs with their hit song “Pompeii.” An already tired audience gave one last punch of screaming, singing, dancing, and wishing this performance would never end. Bands like Bastille are what we need in times like these. We need the dark mixed with the fun. Thank you, Bastille, come back whenever you’d like.


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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.