Concert Review: Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour, Chicago

All pictures are accredited to Brynn McCarthy.

Let’s face the truth. It is impossible for Beyoncé to put on a terrible show. We had the absolute pleasure of being able to attend her show on May 28th at Soldier Field. Her high notes were unreal and her dancing was fabulous, especially compared to ours. Here is exactly how our night went down.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 1

As soon as we stepped into the stadium, the atmosphere was intense, but in a good way. Doors opened at 6 pm and people of all kinds piled in through the stadium doors. We could already tell the stadium was going to be packed from head to toe. Just check out the photo below!

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 2

After buying a T-shirt from the merchandise stand, we walked a couple flights of stairs to our seats. Even though our seats were pretty high up, it seems as though we were surrounded by die hard Beyoncé fans. That especially became apparent when three girls dressed as lemons walked by.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 3

The opening act was led by DJ Scratch and only lasted about 15-20 minutes. None the less, he had everyone up and out of their seats dancing to a remix of “7/11” and to popular songs like “Jump Around” and “Jumpman”.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 4

After waiting for another hour, Beyoncé finally hit the stage. The strobe lights were intense and we instantly got goosebumps just hearing the first few seconds of “Formation”. She then continued to sing “Sorry” and “Run The World (Girls)”. The powerful opening to the show had the whole stadium cheering loud and singing every lyric.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 6

Queen B then continued to sing newer hits such as “Mine”, “Hold Up”, “Countdown”, “All Night”, “Flawless”, “Feeling Myself”, “Daddy Lessons”, and “Drunk In Love”. She also sang many of her older hit songs such as “Baby Boy”, “Naughty Girl”, “Me, Myself, and I”, “Diva”, and her favorite song, “1+1”.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 5

One of the highlights of the show was definitely hearing Beyoncé’s new song “Freedom” off her new album Lemonade. As seen in the picture above, the front section of the stage was filled with a thin amount of water. However, when the chorus of the song came in, the dancing began, and the people in the front rows were most definitely in a splash zone. Her intense African based moves were enough to motivate anyone to sign up for dance classes.

Another highlight was when Beyoncé did a ‘call-respond’ version of “Love On Top”. Her face was priceless as the crowd screamed every lyric. She was surprised we even knew the words! She even commented saying “Some of y’all are still singing!” when the music ended and a new song started to play.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 7

Bey also threw it back to the Destiny’s Child days and sang “Survivor” and “Bootylicious”. Let’s just say we are somewhat not proud of our decision to yell “Long live Destiny’s Child!” into the crowd, but we speak the truth.

Concert Review: Formation World Tour- Chicago 8

The show also got emotional when Beyoncé sang a cover of “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince and play “Purple Rain” by Prince during her costume change. She then closed the show with an emotional performance of “Halo”. As the fireworks went off, she gave a heart-warming speech about achieving your dreams and that anything is possible. We cried just a little.

So, what do you think? Is Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour worth attending? We think so. Tweet us @CelebMix with any thoughts, questions, or comments. Also, make sure to pick up tickets to her upcoming shows in the U.S. and Europe. You won’t want to miss a magical night like this.

Written by CelebMix