Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri


On February 10, 2019, alternative band COIN took the stage in Boston to serenade some of their most loyal fans with both old and new original songs.

COIN took over Paradise Rock Club with genuine spirit and gratitude. They may “want it all” (pun intended), but they sincerely gave their all during this performance. Also, it should be noted that their on-stage chemistry as a group is undeniable. They were having fun together and performed as a band instead of seemingly separately.

The four-piece Nashville originated band was eager to hop on stage Sunday night with high energy and intense focus on the music that they were playing. With a diverse, yet updated, setlist, mostly consisting of songs from their latest album How Will You Know If You Never Try released in 2017, the audience was fully prepared to give their all during the sold-out show as well.

Chase Lawrence, lead singer and on synthesizer, made a point to connect with fans throughout COIN’s performance by singing to them while maintaining eye contact and entertaining all sides of the stage. Between leaning into the crowd to sing along with those who had waited outside in the cold for countless hours and recognizing those in the balcony, Lawrence was successful at making every attendee feel at home and welcome.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

While the crowd had their eyes glued to the group throughout the night, the band was anything but stiff on stage. Lawrence continuously showed off his dance moves as a unit with his microphone stand and the rest of the band could not stop rocking heir heads back and forth sonically in unison during upbeat songs.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

This concert was beyond worthy of lost storage on your phone or camera. It was meaningful and genuinely memorable for all of the right reasons. COIN knows how to put on a good show and entertain the crowd in front of them as if it was what they were born to do. They did it with everything they had, but it was accomplished naturally.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

If you’re wondering whether or not to see COIN on tour, the answer is most likely going to be a yes if you ask anyone who has seen them perform live.

Purchase tickets to see COIN and check out the rest of their tour dates here.

Written by Alessandra

Alessandra is a music journalist from New York who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. She has interviewed artists such as Alesso, Surf Mesa, and Neon Trees.