Concert Review: Ed Sheeran at the Principality Stadium

Concert Review: Ed Sheeran at the Principality Stadium

It’s hard not to fall in love with Ed Sheeran.

His popularity has soared the past few years, and he’s not only topped the charts but broken them.  His latest album Divide featured more top 10 singles than any other studio album in UK chart history, and he’s even earned himself the coveted Nandos black card. Despite this huge success and global stardom, Ed seems as grounded as ever – which makes us love him even more.

Ed Sheeran’s massive UK tour continued this week with 4 sell-out dates at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium, and we were lucky enough get to watch him in action.

After a fantastic set from sassy pop diva Anne Marie that definitely warmed all of our vocal chords thanks to sing-along hits such as FRIENDS and 2002, it was finally time for Ed to take to the stage.

He opened the concert with his huge 2017 number one song Castle On The Hill, which was so full of energy and passion it was hard to believe that this was his third gruelling performance in the Welsh capital.

Sheeran’s energy continued throughout, always making sure to pause between songs to interact with the crowds and really make us feel like we’re part of the show – he even stopped to help an audience member with a very romantic proposal!

Halfway through Galway Girl, Ed asked, with his typical bashful smile, “Does anyone mind if I go for a pee?” before running off stage to giggles and cheers from the crowd. If anything, this humorous bad timing added even more charm to Sheeran’s relatable personality and likeable character. He’s only human after all!

The second instance was even worse timing. Sheeran was playing his tune Photograph, which for many was a chance to share a romantic dance with loved ones and enjoy a moment. However, half way through again, he ran off – presumably for the toilet again. Not to worry though, he was soon back and started the song again especially for the love birds!

A quick mention for the venue of this leg of Ed’s tour – the Principality Stadium. This, Sheeran said, was a huge moment for him, as he promised himself he wouldn’t return to Cardiff until he could play this amazing venue.

Welsh people are a patriotic lot, and this stadium is at the heart of what it means to be Welsh. It’s where the beloved rugby team belt out the national anthem, sending goosebumps down their spines. It’s where this tiny little nation has had the opportunity to host huge events on a world stage.

The Principality Stadium puts Wales on the map. And Ed really seemed to embrace the pride you could feel in the crowd as he walked onto the stage in a Welsh jersey. What a way to get your audience on side!

Shape Of You was the first of two encore songs, and the atmosphere was still electric. Finally, set closer You Need Me, I Don’t Need You found him rapping with jaw-dropping skill. Is there anything this man can’t do? No gimmicks, no band, no backing dancers – just one very talented bloke and his guitar in front of 70,000 people. What a show.

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