Kim Petras
Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

CONCERT REVIEW – Kim Petras – Boston, MA

Kim Petras knew exactly how to kick off the weekend with the right energy at the Royale in Boston, Massachusetts. 

During her first show of two at the venue, Petras effortlessly captivated fans of all ages with her confident stage presence and impressive vocals. The sold-out show included some of her most dedicated fans as well as brand new fans in attendance. And the venue, packed on both the main and balcony levels, roared with screams and the lyrics of each of Petras’ songs at an overwhelming volume that could be heard from outside of Royale’s walls.  

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

After her supporters waited hours outside in the cold brought to the city by November, the heat of the general admission pit warmed them up almost instantly and all of their bodies’ numb feelings became worth it. There wasn’t much room to make space for an extra few people to witness this unforgettable show, but attendees proved that there was plenty of room to dance. As soon as Kim Petras stepped foot on stage, the energy shifted to a usually unattainable level and people couldn’t take their eyes off of her. The way she worked each part of the stage with conviction and poise was completely natural and seemingly effortless for the ‘Heart to Break’ singer. 

Countless music fans had waited to see Petras perform in person and as a result, she made sure the experience was one to remember. Her free spirit and admirably audacious personality took the phrase “up close and personal” to a whole new level. Between Petras’ amorous choreography and explicitly real lyrics, fans were fixated on every aspect of the performance from start to finish. It was clear that the connection between Petras and her supporters was indisputable within minutes of her set beginning. Their support and appreciation for each other came across as both genuine and powerful. 

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Kim Petras performed longtime fan-favorites as well as new songs from her latest album, TURN OFF THE LIGHT, during her stop in Boston on The Clarity Tour. And with covers of Charli XCX’s track “Click” and “Human” by The Killers, new fans were able to enjoy familiar songs from more of industry greats as well. Her setlist included original tracks such as “Meet the Parents” and “Death By Sex” which lyrics were amplified from attendees throughout the venue to, almost, overpower Petras’ sound system. 

Throughout her performance, Petras portrayed exactly why she deserves a leading spot in the music industry and the exact reason she has hundreds and thousands of fans. With countless influences and traces of pop icons audibly featured in her music, Petras brings the best aspects of sound to each of her releases. Her iconic and unique formula for creating songs has caused countless listeners to gravitate towards her sound and all of her success is well deserved. 

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

An encore featuring “Heart To Break” and “Sweet Spot” concluded Kim Petras’ first of two back to back shows in Boston. Some fans had already purchased tickets to both shows, but for those who hadn’t, this show truly left them wondering how they could get tickets for round two the next day. Full of melodically addictive electronic tracks, intense passion and a stage presence that can only be described as extraordinary, Kim Petras completely took over Boston on November 22, 2019, with no remorse. And if one thing is certain, a headlining tour throughout the world’s biggest arenas is not far away from this superstar. 

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Written by Alessandra

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