Concert Review: KOLARS at DC9, April 21

Bordering between a psychedelic dream and a fantasy all-together, KOLARS held their audience enamored during their show at DC9 in Washington, DC on April 21.


The pair are definitely a sight to see — their ability to draw the audience through a magical performance makes them artists of their own caliber.

Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown put on a show that will not cease to amaze us — Brown’s drum kit feels like an entity all of its own. We couldn’t help but be captivated by Brown’s drum skills and her ability to keep the crowd on their toes throughout the set (we see those tap dancing skills!).

Kolar’s vocals and in-the-groove dancing make him a frontman worth taking note of. His unabashed, raw vocals make KOLARS an artist to watch.

KOLARS are so much fun to watch — you feel yourself dancing and nodding along to the songs inadvertently. We constantly found ourselves jealous of those watching the performance from the front row.

They are incredible performers who will make you fans by the first song — “Dizzy” is such an incredible song, but hearing it live feels like you’re hearing the song for the first time again.

Check out this insanely gorgeous version of “Dizzy” here:

We’re so excited to see what KOLARS releases for us next! Their first full-length album is available via Bandcamp here and is a magnificent piece that transforms you — we can’t speak highly enough of this album.

Their latest single, “Touch the Lightning,” premiered on Billboard; read their review of the single here and watch the video above!

Turn It Up by KOLARS

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