Concert Review: Weathers — Washington, D.C.

Weathers opened for Echosmith at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. and the night allowed for fans and non-fans to get together to groove.


Funnily enough, the city was rainy and cold but fans were still out to see their favorite artists perform.

But even before the show begins, the music being played over the speakers gives fans the opportunity to vibe with artists performing throughout the night. Belting out Hippo Campus “Bambi,” those in the crowd get the opportunity to collectively shout the lyrics to the song.

The last time we got to see Weathers in D.C., they were playing at a venue a third of the size of 9:30 Club (and it’s conveniently located across the street from the venue). And we were super excited to see their music continue to expand and bring in new fans.

One of the toughest jobs of the opener is to get the crowd to be on your side — but Weathers manages to capture the attention of even those up in the stands. They might not know the words, but there are tons of people swaying to the music.

We’re also super big fans of the lights and foggy ambience — Cameron Boyer’s suit and tie for the night will always give us vampire vibes.

Our favorite songs of the night? “I’m Not Okay” and “Lonely Vampire,” which absolutely killed. People in the pit were dancing, yelling and overall just really feeling the band.

Are you a fan of Weathers? Will you be seeing them on tour with Echosmith this time around? What’s your favorite song?

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Written by Gloria

LA-native currently based in Washington, DC.
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