Concert Review: With Confidence in San Diego, CA

Australia’s upcoming band, With Confidence, revived the pop-punk scene as they took the stage at the San Diego House of Blues Voodoo Room for their Love and Loathing in Paradise tour on November 17.

The streets of downtown San Diego were buzzing with liveliness that Saturday night. On the corner of fifth avenue was a small, intimate venue where With Confidence would soon hit the stage. The venue quickly filled up with a diverse group of people. From watching the squealing teenagers rush to buy merchandise, to seeing the young adults mingle amongst each other at the bar, we could tell that everyone in the room was refreshed and ready for a great time!

Their supporting act, Sleep On It, quickly took the stage and performed songs such as ‘Leave the Light On’ and their newest single ‘Disconnected’. They performed their whole set completely live, without any of the tracks playing in their earpieces. For many artists, this might have delayed the show time, but Sleep On It was eager to play for us and did not want to keep the fans waiting any longer.

Soon after their set, the band members of With Confidence walked on stage to set up their equipment. Guitarist and vocalist, Inigo Del Carmen, sound checked ‘Jessie’s Girl’ on his guitar – this little tease got the crowd riled up and thrilled!

They got the show started with ‘That Something’ followed by ‘Keeper’ – the perfect tunes to keep the crowd pumped as both songs have a catchy chorus to them. The combination of the raw amplifiers and mini moshpits in this small venue created a garageband atmosphere this night.

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As the band prepared to play ‘Sing To Me’, lead singer and bassist, Jayden Seeley fittingly asked crowd to sing back to him. He surely knows how to sway the energy audience. The room began to fill with loud and contagious singing, cheering, and clapping.

They ended the set with their upbeat track ‘Voldemort’, but the fans still wanted more. With enough encouragement from the crowd, the band performed ‘Icarus’ as their encore.

The connection that this band has with their fans is truly special. There were moments where their fans would yell out inside jokes which made the boys laugh. At the end of the show, they even came down the stage to take photos with their biggest fans. What a perfect way to end a Saturday night!

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Written by Sydney Rae