Connor Ball Releases New Twenty One Pilots Cover

Connor Ball, bassist of UK pop band The Vamps, has released a new cover on his YouTube channel. The cover includes The Judge and Stressed Out.

In the video, Connor dresses up as all of the members of The Vamps. He starts off dressing up as Brad, he then moves on to himself, Tristan and James. Through the cover, Connor plays the ukulele, the bass, the drums and the guitar, covering all four band members well.

Along with his cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s Avalanche, this cover is proving to be very popular with the fans. The Vamps fans always seem to be very supportive of whatever the boys decide that they’re doing whether that’s going over to LA to write with New Hope Club or making covers on YouTube.

Also, it isn’t the first time Connor has taken to covers on YouTube. Before The Vamps, he had another channel dedicated to making covers. These are all still popular with the fans and everyone is looking forward to seeing which cover will be next.

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Written by CelebMix