Connor Franta and Superwoman at YouTube FanFest India 2016

On 18th March 2016, thirty-five YouTubers gathered together in the city of dreams Mumbai for YouTube FanFest India 2016. Amongst them were our favourites: Connor Franta and Lilly Singh that is, Superwoman.

Connor Franta had been tweeting, posting photos and updating his fans about his activities in India. He said that even though it had been just one day in India, it was a ‘mind-blowing ‘ experience for him. He tweeted his Red Carpet photo with the caption:

“Some friends in Mumbai took me shopping for a more traditional style outfit for #YTFF today! dhanyavaad [Thank You] India”


Going Traditional!
Going Traditional!

"It's only day one and India is already blowing every corner" -Connor at Taj Mahal Palace [Instagram]
“It’s the only day one and India is already blowing every corner” -Connor at Taj Mahal Palace [Instagram]
Connor adorned a casual tee and jeans for the main event. Amidst applause and cheers from his fans who came to see him from different states of India, he came on stage to play a little quiz with them.

First, his fans were asked a few questions about him and then, Connor’s knowledge about India was tested by Kanan Gill and Biswa, the fellow YouTubers famous for their “Pretentious Movie Reviews”. Check out the fun quiz below:

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman also posted her photo on Instagram which she captioned as:

Mumbai let’s go! Ain’t nobody sick here ?????

Ready to set the stage on fire!
Ready to set the stage on fire

The moment she entered, Lilly Singh set the stage on fire. She danced to the tunes of Indian Songs and then entertained her fans by performing her hits #IVIVI and #LEH  with Humble The Poet. Check out SuperWoman’s amazing performance below:

YouTube FanFest is a gathering of some of the famous YouTube stars together on one stage. It started in 2014 and has been continuing successfully by bringing famous YouTubers from around the world on one stage to talk about their works and perform gigs to entertain their audience live.

Did you know the answers to the questions they asked about Connor Franta? Did you like Superwoman’s performance?

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