Connor Franta’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

The year 2015 was a year full of success for Connor Franta, 23 years old YouTube sensation. Connor’s debut book, a memoir named A Work in Progress, was released on 21st April 2015. The book is a Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times best seller. The young american also established a coffee and lifestyle brand named Common Culture, which also discovers new talents in the music industry.

Connor publicaly came out as gay in December 2014 through a YouTube video, which has reached more than 10 million views by now. Thus he’s also a huge figure in the LGBT+ community.

Watch Connor’s most viewed 10 videos of 2015 below!

10. Ultimate Leg Waxing & Makeup Challenge (ft. Tanya Burr)

Published: 22nd June 2015

Views: 1,6m
Likes: 180k
Dislikes: 350

Connor Colaborated with Tanya Burr, a british YouTuber while he was visiting the UK. Tanya depilated Connor’s leg hair and Connor did her makeup.

9. 25 Different Sleeping Positions

Published: 1st June 2015

Views: 1,6m
Likes: 150k
Dislikes: 400

Connor had an amazing idea to show his viewers 25 positions people can sleep in and he named them all, for example, the “Can’t get comfy” position or the “Pencil” position.

8. Siblings Play Most Likely To

Published: 12th January 2015

Views: 1,7m
Likes: 147k
Dislikes: 300

As you can guess when you look at the title, Connor filmed this with his brother and sister and they played the very favourite game called “Most Likely To”.

7. Say Anything Challenge (ft. Caspar Lee)

Published: 19th January 2015

Views: 1,8m
Likes: 165k
Dislikes: 400

The “Say Anything Challenge” is pretty simple. Or it may seem pretty simple. Basically, one person says a word and the other person says a different word and then the first person says another word and that’s what it’s all about. The game ends when one person doesn’t know what to say or says a word that has been used already.

6. What Popular Songs Really Mean 2

Published: 30th March 2015

Views: 1,9m
Likes: 151k
Dislikes: 650

Connor has already filmed a video like this before and his fans loved it! Franta analyzes the most popular songs on the iTunes charts and says what the lyrics actually mean, according to him.

5. American Tries Foreign Candy

Published: 27th April 2015

Views: 2m
Likes: 158k
Dislikes: 1000

This kind of videos became really popular in the YouTube comunity. People film themselves trying out sweets from different countries and talk about its taste.

4. Doing Drugs With Kian & Jc (ft. superkian13 and Jc Caylen)

Published: 5th October 2015

Views: 2,1m
Likes: 168k
Dislikes: 900

Don’t worry, false alarm, no illegal things included! Connor filmed this video with his old pals  from the channel Our2ndlife (Kian and JC), which is unfortunately no longer active. In the video, the boys ate some kind of pills which are supposed to change the taste of food, then they tried it out.

3. American Tries British Candy

Published: 15th June 2015

Views: 2,6m
Likes: 149k
Dislikes: 2500

This video is practicaly the same thing as the one where Connor tries foreign candy, except for that in this video, the sweets are only british.

2. Internet Trivia (ft. Dan and Phil)

Published: 15th June 2015

Views: 2,9m
Likes: 218k
Dislikes: 600

Connor filmed this video with a british YouTube duo, Dan and Phil. He quizzed the boys with questions of the internet topic.

1. Guess The Body Part (ft. ThatcherJoe)

  1. Published: 5th January 2015

Views: 4,5m
Likes: 280k
Dislikes: 1000

And the video that has reached most views is… Another british collaboration! Connor filmed this video with his YouTube pal Joe Sugg. The game they played is basically based on one person having a blindfold on and the seconds lets them touch one of their body parts and the blindfolded person has to guess which part of the body it is. Both Connor’s and Joe’s viewers have gone wild for it!

We wish Connor a lot of success and luck in 2016!


Written by CelebMix