Could Jedward Have What X Factor Need?

With the X Factor recently reporting its lowest ratings since the first episode way back in 2004, Jedward think they have the answer, with the Dublin Duo offering to make a one off appearance on the programme.

John Grimes told the Irish Sun:

“We can bring spontaneity which is something the X Factor really needs right now. These are desperate times. Simon has made all sorts of changes this season to try and re-energise the X Factor and failed. But we know we can do the job.”

X Factor has had fierce competition this year from the BBC, with Strictly Come Dancing, and even Countryfile, regularly pulling in more viewers.

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The Irish singing twins were invited to perform on the X Factor final last year, as one of the most loved X Factor acts of the show’s history. However, negotiations fell through when producers refused to allow the duo to sing one of their newer songs, preferring to “forever keep Jedward in 2009”. Jedward have been in Los Angeles for most of this year, putting the final touches on their fourth album, with all songs written and produced by the pair.

Jedward have recently been made Christmas ambassadors for ALONE, an Irish charity which highlights the isolation and loneliness felt by older people in the community.  Edward said:

“We think that it’s a really important cause and that everyone should take some time to look out for older people in their community. We encourage everyone to spread the Christmas cheer by sharing your presence, which is the most important gift of all”.

Donations to ALONE can be made via their website, with 100% going to their front line services. All proceeds from Jedward’s single, ‘Leave A Mark’, will go to the charity.

John and Edward hope to perform for the United Kingdom at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They have twice represented their native Ireland, in 2011 and 2012, both times finishing higher than the UK. The public will be asked to select the act to represent the UK, with a short list to be released on 1 January.

Written by CelebMix