You Could’ve Killed Harry Styles: Item Throwing at Concerts

Let me tell you a short story, one that you might’ve heard.

Harry was performing at one of One Direction’s OTRA shows, being his cute and lovely self. He was walking down the catwalk, and without any warning, someone decided to throw their can of Red Bull. No one knows if it was meant to hit him or not, but it did, and it hit him right in the head. Either way, throughout their last song, Best Song Ever, he was checking his head to see if he was bleeding or not.

This was not made up; this actually happened. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be seriously hurt, but let’s not forget what could’ve happened.

He could’ve been bleeding. He could’ve injured his eye, depending how the can hit him. He could’ve fallen, either from the initial hit, or from the drink spilling onto the stage if it was full. He could’ve gotten a concussion. He could’ve lost his life.

You may think the last one is exaggerative, but really, it’s not. If the can had been entirely full and whomever threw it threw it with force, it could’ve seriously injured his head. From that impact, he could’ve fallen, once again hurting his head. It might not be as likely as a concussion, but yes, he could’ve died from that sort of head trauma.

This is not okay. This is an unnecessary danger, and it needs to be stopped now. It is not okay to throw things that could potentially harm someone, no matter what kind of attention you think you’ll get.

If you care about the person you want to throw something at, just think about the possible consequences that could have on them. Not only could they be physically hurt, but it could also emotionally hurt them too. How would you feel if you’re supposed to be around a crowd that likes you, but they’re throwing things at you instead, things that are obviously capable of hurting you?

I don’t want to see Harry Styles injured, nor any other person up on a stage. I know having their attention for a few seconds would be heavenly, but ask yourself, “is it really worth it?” Is it worth possibly hurting them or making them upset?

Let’s keep performers safe. Stop throwing potentially painful items, and keep it harmless. They already do so much for us, so let’s do something for them. Let’s show them our respect, by being considerate and kind while being at their shows.[Tweet “.@CelebMix and I want to keep performers safe. Stop throwing harmful items at their stages.”]

Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at