Why Do Against The Current Fans Love Against The Current?

Against The Current may not have the biggest fanbase or have a large audience, but despite that they are still aware of the voice they have. A fairly large amount of their songs have lyrics that help their fans be more confident people. Outsiders, Demons, and Paralyzed among them.

In addition to writing music that impacts fans in an emotional way, they also do a lot to meet fans. Their tickets for concerts and meet and greets are usually affordable. The band does all they can to meet as many fans as possible including going past the end time of their meet and greets on Warped Tour.

Against The Current is a band who does a lot to show their fans how much they love them. From helping fans go to concerts to interacting with them on Twitter, Against The Current never fails to show appreciation and love to their fans. It’s clear why the band loves their fans so much. After all, they’ve made their dreams come true. But why do their fans love them? CelebMix took the time to ask some fans why they love Against The Current and here are their answers;

Abby | 16 | Indiana

I love Against The Current so much because they’re all just a bunch of sweethearts. They all just appreciate their fans so much. I feel there isn’t a thing they wouldn’t do for us. Chrissy, Dan, and Will are also really interactive with all of us on Twitter, which many bands aren’t anymore. They’re all just so relatable and I can’t wait to watch them grow even more.

Emily | 15 | England

I found Against The Current when they had just released the Paralyzed music video. I instantly related to this song as during this time my anxiety had become a lot worse. This song helped me through that time and I am pretty sure it’s the reason it’s not as bad today. I also relate to many other songs of theirs. They care about their fans so much and would do anything for them. The ATC community is like a family and I have met so many amazing friends through them. They show me that anything is possible if I just be myself and that is always okay to be an outsider.

Manar | 16 | Egypt

Oh man where do I even start. I can’t even put in words how much these 3 people mean to me. Honestly finding this band was like god throwing a gift at me, it was like finding happiness, their music helps me through the toughest times of my life. Just listening to their music or watching their interviews or looking at their photos makes me the happiest person ever. The first time I heard them Chrissy’s voice did something to me that I can’t explain. Her voice is so magical it makes me feel better and relaxed. And can we also talk about Will and Dan are so passionate about what they do? You can honestly feel how much they freaking love to play music when you see them playing it.

Will, Chrissy and Dan are such genuine and caring people honestly they care so much about us they aren’t afraid to be themselves they make me feel like it’s okay to be myself and not be afraid to put myself out there. I can’t be more grateful to have these 3 amazing human beings in my life they deserve all happiness. All of ATC’s songs have a special meaning but “Outsiders” means so much to me. It makes me feel like I’m not alone and the lyrics are the reason why I’m here right now. I can’t even begin to explain how much these lyrics and that song means to me.

I wish I could one day meet them, and tell them how much I love them, and how much they inspire to be the best. One day, I hope I can tell them how much their music means to me, that they are the reason why I’m here and they are the reason I smile everyday and how their music means everything to me and I hope they never stop making music I wish them all the best and happiness in their lives because they honestly mean so much to me.

Eric | 19 | Singapore

The first time ATC visited Singapore, I couldnt attend their concert due to exams. However they still called me on the phone! I was so touched! I went to the Gravity World Tour and now IOBSG and it has been a really really awesome feeling as you get to meet your fav band. Their songs gives me goosebumps esp Brighter. Every song serves as a motivation to me telling me that they will always be there for me. They are the lights in my darkest moments. So thankful to have Against The Current in my life!

Natalie | 19 | Singapore

Firstly, what made me like ATC was their sound. Secondly, what made me really into them was their lyrics because it spoke volumes of how they see things and I felt it was really similar to how I saw the world. In other words, they wrote things many people could relate to – the things people are afraid to say, the things that people truly feel: they sing about it. Not only that, each member have displayed their uniqueness as well so like, they’re genuine too.

Franka | 14 | Germany

Against The Current means a lot to me because they bright up my days and make me smile. I love every single one of them so so much. Bc of them I found so many cool people and really good friends. This fandom or famdom is so amazing and kind. If you would go to an atc concert alone, you wouldn’t be alone there. Atc does so much to make us happy and works so much. Every new song, every new cover is just perfect. Atc is perfect to me. That’s why I love them

Irene | 14 | Spain

I first heard of Against the Current back in April, shortly after, their album was released and I immediately fell in love with it. The mix of lively rhythms with that of a young delightful voice makes a powerful combination. Plus, their covers of pop songs with a punk-rock influence are marvelous. They’re definitely a band worth giving a listen!

Jocelyn | 15 | Michigan

When I first listened to Against The Current, it was because of an internet friend almost two years ago I believe. The song was Guessing and I remember not knowing who the hell they were– I almost mistook them for a girl group for dinner weird reason. Their sound was different from anything I’d ever heard at that point and Chrissy’s voice was, and is, astonishing. I listened to that song on repeat for almost a week because it was that good. I loved it and I meant to listen to more of the band, but I didn’t until around half a year ago. They showed up on my twitter timeline quite often and once I finally got around to listening to more of the band’s music I fell in love.

At the moment, they’re probably the band I listen to the most. Their sound is incredible and the lyrics are even better. Songs like Paralyzed and Running With The Wild Things mean everything to me. I can connect with the lyrics and I love that. There aren’t enough artists who write music like that. Not to mention Chrissy Costanza has the absolute most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. She’s another reason I love the band so much. It’s not so common for a female voice to represent a pop punk band and she does it so well. She gives singing her all and she gives it so much feeling.

Daphne | 17 | France

The reason why I love Against The Current is because they’re more like friends than a far far away band to me. In fact when I met them earlier this year, I explained to them what they meant to me, that they were my best friends because their music went every where with me and it felt like whatever I went through, they had a song for. They have such amazing fan interaction, they tweet a lot of people, meet tons of people at shows, and I think that’s part of their success. It’s really important to keep in touch with your fans, and they’re really good at it.

And their music has evolved into something so unique and interesting in In Our Bones! I was a fan of the sweet tone of Infinity and the more rock sound of Gravity, but In Our Bones combined mixes and it feels like a best friend. Their songs hold a lot of meaning for me, especially Outsiders and Running With The Wild Things, because I’ll never fit in and I’ll always be running with the wild things.

Allie | 15 | Boston

Against the Current mean the absolute world to me. There have been so many times when I have turned to them and their music as an escape from personal issues or a bad day. Almost a year ago now, I met my current best friend who is also a fan of them. I can confidently say if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t know her. My name is Allie, I’m a 15 year old girl from Boston Massachusetts and I’ve been a fan of them for almost 4 years now. They are honestly unlike any other band I’ve ever seen/known, their intense love and connection with their fans still baffles me. They have taught me so much about staying true to who I am, and following the path that will lead me to happiness. I can’t think of any other band that has touched me like they have.

Ilse | 17 | The Netherlands

I love Against The Current because their music has helped me through so much and they’re such down to earth people. I’ve also met so many amazing friends because of them, my best friends now actually. Me and my best friend used to hate each other, but because of ATC we actually made up and became best friends! Against The Current is such an amazing band. I have their debut album ‘In Our Bones’, on repeat all day ! They taught me it’s okay to be an “outsider”, and I can’t thank Chrissy, Dan and Will enough for that!

Bianca | 20 | Hungary

I love ATC because they work so hard. Their songs are so inspirational, they’re full of emotion. Their songs inspired me to not give up and it’s helped me a lot. I listen to their songs every day especially when I feel depressed. It helps a lot to see things positively. Chrissy, Dan & Will are such down to earth people. They treat their fans like they’re their family or friends and that’s what I like about them the most. When you meet them they hug you and start talk to you like normal people. They really care about fans and it’s such a good feeling. They’re also so helpful and funny. They always have fun and try to make people laugh. They just make you feel like you have to enjoy life no matter what. You have to see the good side of a bad thing. They’re inspirational and I guess every ATC fan would agree with me when I say Against The Current is our family.

Lucy | 16 | UK

I love Against The Current for many reasons, one being how musically talented all three of them are. Not only do they make their own beautiful songs, which are a musical masterpiece, but they also do covers too which are honestly awe-inspiring. Even though they’ve only done a couple of covers so far for the Speakeasy sessions, these clearly highlight how amazing this band is. Chrissy, Dan and Will are all amazing. Their musical abilities individually are great, but together they create something else. Something that everyone needs to experience and appreciate.

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