Customer Recommendations Drive Better Sales than Paid Ads – Marketing Expert Gustavo Tello

While marketing experts agree that there are many ways to drive increased sales and scale a business; nothing works quite like the tried and actual results of customer recommendations. Many agree that a customer recommendation is the highest seal of approval a company can get because it shows that their product is top-notch. It also proves that its business is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Marketing expert and entrepreneur Gustavo Tello has seen first-hand what customer recommendations can do to increase sales and build an exceptional business.

Originally from San Cristobal, Venezuela, Tello has years of running a successful global business under his belt. Tello took the family business and expanded into the US, scaling it through exceptional customer service and driving sales through word-of-mouth. “Never downplay what customer recommendations can do for your business,” states Tello. “With the power of social media, you would be shocked to know how far recommendations can go and just how fast they can circle the globe.”

Tello believes that a good customer recommendation is the backbone of a business. People work with who they know. We don’t like the unknown, and customer recommendations are essentially the introduction you are waiting for to your next customer. “When people are excited about your business, they share what a great experience they had,” explains Tello. “People want to know that in working with you, they will get that same experience, and that is how one sale multiplies into another and another. You want to seize the opportunity from that momentum.”

Sure, awards are great, media coverage is fantastic, but there is no denying the power that good reviews hold in paving the way for your business to make continued sales. According to Nielsen Holdings, 92% of consumers report that word-of-mouth recommendations are why they have purchased a product or service. This staggering statistic proves that word-of-mouth marketing cannot be ignored.

So, how do companies work with a word-of-mouth strategy in today’s modern age? Tello maintains that organizations should look at social media as their community. “People talk online, and social media amplifies that,” says Tello. “Look at social media as a way to spread good news engaging and empowering your most satisfied customers to speak up.” Excellent customer feedback is all about letting your work speak for itself, and in business, that is the best foot to put forward when driving sales and increasing your bottom line.

Written by CelebMix