Cybersmile launch interactive education programme

Our friends over at Cybersmile, one of the worlds leading cyberbullying charities have launched a cool new education programme.

It’s a really cool programme that educates users and tests their knowledge of various modules including: Positive Gaming, Parental Guidance, LGBT Awareness, Livestream Basics, Digital Civility, Gender Awareness, Technology & Wellbeing, Content Authenticity, Online Safety, Online Security, Using Emoji & Emoticon and Beauty Cyberbullying.

Each module contains an interactive quiz, which users must answer in order to complete each topic. Upon completing the final question, a scoreboard will appear, showing the number of correct and incorrect answers. If the user succeeds in answering all questions correctly for a module, they are given the option to share a Tweet or Facebook post, showing that they have successfully passed the module.

Here at CelebMix, we’ve had a go at a couple of the modules, we tried the Digital Civility and Content Authenticity modules it’s a really fun way to test your knowledge and it makes you consider how you act online and highlights ways you can stay say safe online while still being kind and respectful to others.

You can try out the Cybesmile Education programme for yourself here.

Written by Kelly McFarland

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