Daisy Ridley Makes Her Musical Debut

2016 is turning out to be a wonderful year for Hollywood’s freshest star Daisy Ridley. The seemingly unknown actress debuted in her first major movie role late last year in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Rey and is only moving forward. While her acting career is definitely a success, the 23-year-old now expresses another passion and talent of hers: singing.

The director of Star Wars J.J. Abrams mentioned in passing last week at the U.S.-Ireland Alliance’s Oscar Wilde Awards that Ridley had begun thinking seriously about her musical career, stating:

“On Saturday, she is going to record a song with an unnamed person, but let’s just say a massive superstar.”

Daisy Ridley Makes Her Musical Debut 1

As if the news about Ridley’s hidden talents weren’t enough, no one was spilling anything with regards to the identity of the mystery singer who helped her. Ridley has posted videos in the past with co-star Oscar Isaac just for fun, but the thought of a serious singing career sent fans into a frenzy trying to come up with theories and guesses as to who this mystery guest is.

At the Oscars this past Sunday, in which Star Wars was nominated for six awards, Ridley explained to E News, “I can tell you everyone’s guesses are way off. When J.J. said ‘superstar,’ he meant a legendary, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping superstar.”

So who is this mystery superstar that is helping this up-and-coming celebrity reach her dreams? That person was finally revealed in Ridley’s Instagram post earlier today with the caption:

“I’m gonna end this spate of pictures detailing my insane weekend with this… Ummmmmmmmmmmm…”

Daisy Ridley Makes Her Musical Debut 1

That’s right! Daisy Ridley recorded and wrote music with multi Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and Oscar winner Barbra Streisand! The duo spent all of Saturday in a studio writing out news melodies and lyrics that the world holds its breath to hear.

While Ridley is confirmed to finish out the Star Wars sequels, we can only imagine what is to come in the future for this incredibly talented Hollywood newcomer. Whether it be in the movie business or music industry (or both!), we are sure that whatever Daisy Ridley does next will be incredible.

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Written by CelebMix