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“When we wrote this we were all at different points in our lives and in our own personal/romantic relationships,” DallasK says on the release of his newest single

DallasK is a producer/songwriter/artist from Orlando, Florida, but he has been in Los Angeles for the last 9 years. “I wish I had a more creative story for my name, but my real name is Dallas Koehlke, and no one can pronounce or spell my name…so I just went with K,” DallasK expresses to CelebMix upon the release of his newest single.

This year has been great so far for the young artist, he has been able to finish a ton of music that he made in quarantine, and getting back out on the road playing shows has been super exciting, that’s one of the things he missed most in 2020. In fact, he does have so much great music that he is looking forward to releasing!

“Thank you! It feels great because I got to make the record with some great friends and it’s always the best situation to be able to work with people you love,” DallasK says. “We completely remade the song in 2020 and that’s the version you hear now!”

DallasK’s “Try Again” is a love song about admitting your mistakes, not being perfect, and asking for that second chance. This is a song that almost all people can relate to, a situation where a relationship was strained and wanting to be able to try again.

When we wrote this we were all at different points in our lives and in our own personal/romantic relationships, but I think we were able to capture a timeless feeling or emotion that is universal when it comes to love and making mistakes.


This song was actually one of the most unique situations he had in creating a record. DallasK and his team originally wrote the song in Florida in 2016 when he invited Lauv and Michael Pollack to come to write at a house he had rented.

“The production was completely different and was almost future bass or trap even,” DallasK continues. “Then in 2020 on a trip to Joshua Tree we rediscovered the song, remembered how much we loved it and Lauv asked me if it was something I would release.”

So, from there, DallasK worked on a couple of different versions and made the demo of the version that you hear today, played it for Lauv and he loved it, and then went right over to work on it. Then they finished the song on a trip to Mexico for New Year’s.

The collaboration with Lauv came from the great friendship and working relationship that they have built over the last several years. “I was lucky enough to meet him on one of his first trips to LA when he was still in college and we’ve been working ever since,” DallasK tells CelebMix. “It’s been amazing to see him grow as an artist and person and I’ve been fortunate to produce a lot of records for his project. So, because of that, this collaboration felt super easy and natural.”

With this song, DallasK can definitely relate to the lyrics from his own experiences in the past but he is also very proud of the production and vibe that he was able to create.

I drew a lot of inspiration from the house music of the 90s and early 2000s that I’ve always loved and was able to fold that into the new sound that I’m building for my project.


“I hope listeners can find a familiar story in the lyrics, or that they can escape into ours…” DallasK continues, “and that they can dance their butts off in the drops!”

The remainder of 2021 looks to be a busy time for DallasK has he has more vocal singles with great collaborators, some disco house records, and a couple of big club records too. A nice mix of everything that he is influenced by that he can’t wait to share with the world!

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