“Damn Daniel” star donates lifetime supply of Vans to hospital

You must have heard the viral phrase “Damn, Daniel.” If not then you must have been living under a rock. Two Californian teens took over internet in the last month. Everyone was dubsmashing “Damn, Daniel.”

Daniel Lara and his friend Joshua Holz uploaded a 30-second video as a fun activity without knowing how it would turn out to be. Well, that video went viral and “Damn, Daniel” became an internet sensation. The video is about Daniel showing off his outfit and white vans as his friend Joshua voiced the phrase “Damn, Daniel.”

The teens recently made an appearance on The Ellen Show. Lara was gifted a lifetime supply of White Vans and Holz was gifted a surfborad with “Damn, Daniel” inscripted on it. Fans are also sending wedding proposals to Daniel, but he is only 16 y/o.


Recently, Daniel and his friend Joshua Holz visited the Loma Linda University Children’s hospital in Southern California. Both of them gave away 100 pairs of shoes to the patients alongwith goodies provided by the company.

“We thought it was important to do some charity work and give back to the local community,” Lara told the Los Angeles Daily News. “We’re enjoying it. We’re enjoying being here. This is a great experience.”

Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz are students at Riverside High School in California. Both are 16 y/o. It is nice to see that how these two youngsters have set up a good example for other fellows of their age.

Written by Sana Parvayz

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