Damon Mitchell Releases Music Video for "Elise"

Damon Mitchell Releases Music Video for “Elise”

At just 22-years-old, Damon Mitchell is a singer/songwriter who’s bringing classic pop music back to 2019. Listening to his new EP Elise, you can instantly tell that the EP is inspired by a mid 60’s Beatles vibe mixed with some 70’s classic rock and some current rock, similar to bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Eat World.

Damon’s music is the perfect mix of old and new, and we’re loving it! He’s like an old soul in a millennial’s body. According to Damon, “Music has power. It is an act of creation. It is a language. Music is a conduit to something bigger than ourselves; something far beyond us. It is a conduit, and yet is simply how we tell our stories.”

“There’s unity amongst players within multiple genres on this record,” says Damon. And he’s right! This EP has some pretty rad people on it. It was produced by award-winning Dave Martin and features musicians such as Tris Imboden (Chicago, Kenny Loggins, CS&N) and Charlie McCoy (Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel).

With lyrics like, “Elise, you are so mean / But don’t forget about me,” and “You’re so cruel / I’m the fool,” we get the intention that Damon is talking about a toxic relationship. In the beginning of the video the woman points her fingers to Damon’s head, but by the end, his fingers are the ones to her head. In that moment, it’s as if he got his life back. He’s done with her games. He’s not the fool anymore.

But what do you think…?

Check out Damon’s music video for “Elise” below:

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