Dan and Phil Announce Photo Book Called “Dan and Phil Go Outside”

Dan and Phil just finished taking their live show, The Amazing Tour is not on Fire, or TATINOF, around America, and it will be headed to Australia very soon. The boys recently announced that they will be releasing two YouTube Red Originals based on TATINOF. One will be a live recording of the show, and the other will be a behind-the-scenes style documentary.

Now, we have another exciting announcement from Dan and Phil! They have been telling fans for a while that they wanted to somehow document TATINOF physically, so it would always be there for them, and us, to remember. So, Dan and Phil will be releasing a book of photos from their TATINOF adventures, to commemorate this special time in their lives. It is hilariously called “Dan and Phil Go Outside”, or DAPGO for short. The cover art has already been released, and it is available for pre-order worldwide at danandphilgooutside.com.

On the website, the boys wrote a short description about the book:

We actually went outside. From being people who avoid all human contact and direct sunlight to travelling around the world on tour, we have collected hundreds of awesome, funny, and probably embarrassing photos and notes that show the behind-the-scenes story of our adventure!

The book is said to contain a couple hundred pages, and over 2000 photos! Dan told fans during his recent livestream that they had to sift through 22,000 pictures to find the best ones, from both pictures they took themselves and professionally taken pictures. The book is complete with captions and an introduction and conclusion- so we may get to see fun written banter similar to that in The Amazing Book is not on Fire. 

However, it is not quite TABINOF part two. Dan clarified on Twitter that TABINOF was like their “self defining magnum opus”, which is why it got a proper book trailer and plenty of promotion. DAPGO, on the other hand, is similar to a photo album. It is just meant to chronicle their travels around the world and act as a physical momento for TATINOF.

Some people are shocked at the concept of Dan and Phil actually going outside, and can’t even fathom what that would look like. So, someone made their grandpa act out what it could look like, and we think it’s pretty accurate!

The book is set to be released on November 3rd, 2016, after the YouTube Red shows come out (to abide by Dan’s “no spoilers” policy). You can pre-order the book here.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.