Dan And Phil’s Spooky Week Returns!

Halloween is already exciting by itself but for the subscribers of DanAndPhilGAMES it brings another huge excitement, SPOOKY WEEK. This means that the YouTube sensations, Dan and Phil post videos of themselves playing spooky video games such as Five Nights At Freddy’s, or Slender Man for somedays which lead up to Halloween. They turn the lights off and go through jumpscares which scares them and is supposed to scare the viewers too, but the thing that scares the viewers actually is Dan’s screams! Dan jumps and screams after an jumpscare and the most amusing of this was, when he fell off his chair! They have already played Five Nights At Freddy’s 1, 2,3 & 4 , Outlast, Slender Man, Sonic.exe and Sally.exe. These videos are available on their channel DanAndPhilGAMES which recently turned 1 year old! Even after the ‘scary’ jumpscares the videos are actually really funny at times and fun to watch. The banter between the two lads levels up the humour with the level of scariness. Watch them by clicking on this link – http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DanAndPhilGAMES or you can just search for DanAndPhilGAMES on YouTube. You can also watch Dan’s videos on his channel , Danisnotonfire and watch Phil’s videos on his channel, AmazingPhil. The spooky week just started and they have already posted 2 videos, so if you want, go watch them right now and give them a thumbs up by liking their videos, if you yourself like the videos that is. And, do turn on the notifications for DanAndPhilGAMES if you like the videos so that you will not miss a spooky video before Halloween! Have a nice day and Happy Halloween! *pumpkin emoji*

Written by CelebMix