Dancing with the Stars: Semifinals Recap

The mirror ball stakes have never been higher as the remaining celebrity contenders fought for their spot in the finale this past Monday night. After a competitive evening full of perfect scores and phenomenal performances, find out which four couples will be competing for the title of season 23’s champion next week.

James & Sharna- Argentine Tango

With Sharna back off the DL this week, she was more than ready to get out on that dance floor with James after two weeks apart. The professional race car driver and his pro partner performed a passionate Argentine Tango. Can we talk about the fact Sharna was blindfolded through the ENTIRE routine and still nailed it? Julianne called their performance incredible. It was controlled and sexy. Bruno commended the skill and trust between the duo. Carrie Ann saw a few wobbles in the beginning, but despite the flaws, thought their dance was amazing.

Carrie Ann- 9, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 29/30

Terra & Sasha- Rumba

The two danced to Alessia Cara’s empowering hit song, “Scars To Your Beautiful” and every lyric shined within their captivating routine. Bruno admitted that he wasn’t expecting a rumba like that. He thought the content was flawless, admiring Terra’s determination and the right frame of mind. Carrie Ann was completely choked up, telling Terra that she completely takes her breath away. Every movement was executed with so much care. Julianne agreed, thanking Terra for challenging herself and performing what was her best dance of the season.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 30/30

Jana & Gleb- Quickstep

Jana and Gleb performed an adorable quickstep that had the entire audience on their feet. Carrie Ann thought the two were rough getting in sync at first, but once they did, it was a solid routine. She noted that Jana has come the furthest this season out of all the contestants. Julianne believed the two gave a proper quickstep and hopes to see Jana in the finals. Bruno found their performance elegant, slick and full of content. He also referenced “Gucci” while praising their dance, but that’s Bruno being Bruno for you.

Carrie Ann- 9 Julianne- 9 Bruno- 10 = 28/30

Calvin & Lindsay- Tango

Calvin and Lindsay delivered a powerful tango. Julianne thought it was so great and possessed so much attack. She commented on the duo’s chemistry as well, recognizing that it was more on fire than ever. Generally, she gets the brother/sister vibe from Calvin and Lindsay. Of course, all three judges were upset over the misstep in the middle of the performance. Carrie Ann said since they’re fighting for a spot in the finals, everything counts. Bruno still thought Calvin went for it with such power and applauded him for his authority.

Carrie Ann- 8, Julianne- 9, Bruno- 9 = 26/30

Laurie & Val- Foxtrot

Laurie’s video package revealed that her grandmother passed away earlier in the week and her performance exploded with the emotion she was holding back. A teary-eyed Carrie Ann told Laurie she delivered with more passion than ever before. Julianne chose to smile, saying she wanted to celebrate Laurie’s grandmother’s life. She pointed out that Laurie has grown into the most beautiful young woman over these last ten weeks. Bruno thought everything the routine had to offer was executed brilliantly and to maximum effect.

Carrie Ann-10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 30/30

James & Sharna featuring Jenna- Jive

After Jenna filled in for Sharna when she was injured, she was an easy pick when it came to determining this trio. Their jive was full of life. Julianne thought they were so in sync and awesome. Bruno said James was in top gear and is a natural when it comes to partner swapping. Carrie Ann agreed, adding that the best part was the incredible unison.

Carrie Ann-10, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 30/30

Terra & Sasha featuring Artem- Tango

Terra, Sasha and Artem’s tango lived to please. Bruno praised the choreography of the performance, as Terra was framed so well in between the boys. Carrie Ann agreed, unable to believe how incredible everyone was. Julianne sang out, “THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!” We can’t argue with that, Terra stepped into the ballroom with a fire in her eyes.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 30/30

Jana & Gleb featuring Alan- Paso

Alan was Glen’s replacement for when he was injured, so it only made sense to incorporate him into their semi-final trio performance. It’s safe to say the three completely slayed their Paso. Carrie Ann was blown away by the artistry in motion. Julianne called Jana the queen of the ballroom, while Bruno thought she was the mistress of the dark arts. He added that their performance was “high fashion dressed in high passion.”

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno- 10 = 30/30

Calvin & Lindsay featuring Witney- Salsa

Lindsay’s best friend, Witney joined her and her partner, Calvin for this spicy and vibrant salsa. THOSE. LIFTS. THOUGH. Julianne thought it was so fun and full of energy, calling Calvin the epitome of what this competition is all about. Bruno said he inspires people when he steps onto the dance floor. After the dramatic performances prior, Carrie Ann thought Calvin brought the A game in an entertaining way.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 30/30

Laurie & Val featuring Maks- Samba

Laurie had not only one, but two Chmerkovskiys accompanying her in the ballroom. The trio’s routine was fun and perfectly summed up Val and Mak’s brotherly chemistry. Bruno enjoyed the theatric aspect of it all. Carrie Ann commended Laurie for performing her “best dance ever.” Julianne said she was a proper Latin dancer, bringing her back to the journey of competing and being in a lesson.

Carrie Ann- 10, Julianne- 10, Bruno-10 = 30/30

Although Terra gave the two most incredible dances of her Dancing with the Stars career, it was announced at the end of the show that she would not be advancing to next week’s finale. She handled elimination like a champ, thanking Sasha for everything, from his coaching to his friendship. Awww! We’re going to miss her playful personality in the ballroom.

Well, there you have it, folks. Our four couples chasing after that beloved mirror ball are Laurie & Val, James & Sharna, Jana & Gleb, and Calvin & Lindsay. Who will be crowned champ? Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know your predications!

Written by Cayla Masters

Music, pop culture and cheesesteak lover. Follow me on Twitter, @caylamasters