Danielle Peazer’s Top 10 Videos of 2015

Danielle Peazer is a dancer, model, lifestyle blogger, and also a Youtuber. Danielle uploaded her first Youtube video on August 5, 2014, and since then, she has gained over 115,000 subscribers and has ranked up over 1 million views all together. When she first made her Youtube channel in 2014, she started out as a fitness channel, but in the last year or so, she has become more of a lifestyle vlogger and beauty guru. Here are Danielle’s top 10 videos of 2015!

10. My Channel From Now On…

On October 17 2015, Danielle uploaded a video titled “My Channel From Now On…” which is a video of Danielle explaining the changes she wants to make on her channel. She also explained that she wants to make more videos that people want to watch, instead of the videos that she was already posting. This was also Danielle’s first video of her sitting down while talking directly to the camera. After this video was posted, she completely changed from a fitness channel to a lifestyle and beauty guru.

9.  A Day With Danielle – Australia

Danielle uploaded her second video from her series “A Day With Danielle” on August 30, 2015. The video is titeld “A Day With Danielle – Australia,” and it’s all about Danielle’s trip to Sydney, Australia. She filmed parts of Australia that she visited, as well as showing famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

31,437 views | 2,367 likes | 11 dislikes

8. Christmas Gift Guide for Him

About a month before Christmas on November 29, 2015, Danielle uploaded her first Christmas gift guide video which is titled “Christmas Gift Guide for Him.” In this video, she talks about gifts that range from fashion to food to technology that are great for the special guys in your life.

32,722 views | 3,553 likes | 11 dislikes

7. A Day With Danielle

Danielle uploaded her very first “A Day With Danielle” on July 12, 2015. In this video, Danielle visited Italy with fashion brand PINKO and got to explore the city of Firenze.

37,478 views | 3,246 likes | 20 dislikes

6. My New Make Up From YSL Beauty

If you watch loads of ‘beauty gurus’ on YouTube, then you would know that hauls is one of the most requested video of all times. Even though it’s just a simple video, people love seeing what other people have bought. On October 18, 2015, Danielle uploaded her first haul video featuring YSL Beauty make up.

37,680 views | 3,470 likes | 8 dislikes

5. How I Style My Hair

After seeing loads of requests for her to show her routine of getting ready, Danielle uploaded a “How I Style My Hair” video on November 8, 2015. This video focuses on how Danielle styles her hair on a daily basis.

58,205 views | 7,582 likes | 16 dislikes

4. My First Q&A

On November 15, 2015, Danielle uploaded her first Q&A video where she answered tons of questions that people submitted to her on her Facebook page. If you want one of your questions to be included in another Q&A video by Danielle, she said to keep an eye out on her Facebook page where she will announce when she is filming another video!

60,451 views | 6,306 likes | 19 dislikes

3. My Everyday Make-Up Routine

After loads of request, Danielle finally decided to do an everyday make up routine video. In this video that was posted on November 22, 2015, she shows all the products that she uses everyday to create her make up look. Even though Danielle doesn’t show herself applying the makeup on camera, she does lists all the products that she use in the description bar.

71,659 views | 5,405 likes | 113 dislikes

2. What’s in My Bag?

“What’s In My Bag” is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) videos on YouTube, and it’s also Danielle’s second most popular video of 2015. In this self explanatory video that was posted on October 25, 2015, Danielle shows everything that she carries in her bag.

106,174 views | 6,220 likes | 69 dislikes

1. 50 Facts About Me

Do you feel like you don’t know a lot about Danielle Peazer? Well so do a lot of other people because on November 1, 2015, Danielle uploaded her most viewed video of 2015 where she lists 50 random facts about herself!

230,087 views | 15,196 likes | 10 dislikes

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Written by CelebMix