Danny Boyle Releases Single ‘If I Told You’

The talented singer-songwriter Danny Boyle has recently released his new single ‘If I Told You’ – a truly incredible and uplifting track.

Announcing the release date of the track at the end of March, Danny shared his excitement at his fans being able to hear ‘If I Told You’:

The best way to describe ‘If I Told You’ is it being a beautiful, but also heart-breaking love story. Right from the first lyric, Danny has managed to tell a story throughout the track, making it truly captivating.

‘I wish you could see through my eyes.’ 

Danny Boyle has built up a significant following for himself over the past few years, through social media, travelling the UK supporting different artists, along with his own headline shows. His music is extremely guitar-based, and ‘If I Told You’ is no exception. His use of guitar does not at all deter from his vocals. On the contrary, the stripped back nature of the track showcases his vocals, in addition to the raw emotion and beauty of the track.

‘If I could show you all the things that make you mine, if I told you that, would it change your mind?’

In addition to the single release, Danny has also recently announced a single launch for his next offering ‘Here To Stay.’ The launch of the single will take place on Sunday 24 June in Studio 2 in Liverpool. Tickets are available now and can be bought from elitetalentuk.com.

If you haven’t already, you can purchase Danny Boyle’s single ‘If I Told You’ on iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster