Danny Jones releases debut single ‘Is This Still Love’ – Our Review

In the last five years since McFly took their unofficial hiatus, a lot has happened.

As a band, they joined forces with Matt Willis and James Bourne to form McBusted and then did a tour together performing every song they’d ever recorded. However, each band member has also kept busy with various projects.

Dougie Poynter has formed a new band INK, has acted in movies, done a spot of modeling and then created his own clothing line. Harry Judd has become a fitness guru and welcomed two beautiful children into the world. Tom Fletcher has released a billion books including one that became a musical with a film adaptation in the works, whilst he’s also had two children with a third on the way.

But what about Danny Jones? Well, he’s married his model wife, welcomed an incredible baby boy into the world, became a judge for The Voice Kids UK and now, he’s released his first ever solo single.

The first song off Danny’s highly anticipated EP, which he has said is coming “soon”, is called ‘Is This Still Love’ and was released today – 06/07/2018 on digital streaming and downloading services.

‘Is This Still Love’ opens straight away with Danny’s husky rock vocal and woo’s all with the line ‘Like nobody could do, you took my heart and gave it a home’. The whole verse reflects on a relationship that’s lasted quite a long time. The pace deepens and goes into the chorus, with Danny asking is this still love. Danny’s gritty tone reflects perfectly throughout the chorus.

The second verse maintains this more uptempo and powerful vibe, but the words beautifully reflect a difficult period in a relationship. The chorus blends in seamlessly. Danny then breaks into a powerful instrumental, switching from southing acoustic guitars to the powerful electric counterpart. The song then closes as it began, a soft but heartfelt plea from Danny.

So, is it still love for Mr. Jones from us? 

Absolutely. This is an absolute treat after waiting for so long to hear new music from Danny. His voice has matured in the 14 years of music making. The pure gritty tone mixed with his smooth and soft voice makes this a pure delight for the ears.

It’s official. Danny is back, and the world is a better sounding place for it.

You can stream Is this Still Love through Spotify, and purchase for digital download through iTunes and all other major e-stores.

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.